How to Create Crucial Elements for a Digital Marketing Strategy Plan

How to Create Crucial Elements for a Digital Marketing Strategy Plan

According to me, without doing the below 3 things, you can’t even create a Plan or strategy! So these Three things are a must before you start creating a strategy:-
The MOST Crucial Element to include in your Digital Marketing Plan is as follows : –

  1. FIRST, Creating a relevant AUDIENCE for your digital marketing strategy.

You should create a profile of your prospective customer/visitor:-

  • Who is looking for your product/service?
  • When does the need arise for the product/service?
  • what he/she looks like – fat, slim, normal
  • age the person falls under – is the product/service used by a certain age group?
  • gender – is the product gender related.
  • what are his/her preferences?
  • where does he spend his time? is it online, if yes which websites he visits?
  • what are his/her hobbies? (how does this help – once you know that, you will know where to place your ads, in search, display or video )

2. SECOND, Your entire digital marketing plan’s foundation is based on the

  • Do a complete keyword research
  • competitive keywords in high demand
  • low search volume keywords but high converting
  • take a list of long tail keywords relevant to your business

3. THIRD, do a competitors analysis – ask your client who according to him are his competitors, once that knowledge is gathered, keep an eye on the activities carried out by his competitor online, in other words, visit their website, find out if they are doing more of social media or SEO, Are they depending on search or display network ! You will gain valuable insights from that. This will help you kick start your efforts in the right places 🙂

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